tangerine-tobacco SAID: I'm sorry if I disturbing you, heyy^^
I just want to say that if you see your picture's notes is 0, it is a lie, because I reblog and like your photo and many people like and reblog your photo too :)
I say that because when I see your blog, your picture's notes is 0, but yesterday I saw your picture's notes is more than 10 . Don't disappointed, your blog is still amazing! :D

Oh no it’s always a pleasure to have some news of you ^^

Thank you for the information because I was a little bit sad when i saw this :( but thank you for your support <3 

And I’m really sorry for the lack of update on my blog these last few weeks but I don’t have so much time for tumblr :( But this blog is not dead !

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Thank you :) ♥♥

Thank you :) ♥♥

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drewmaggard-deactivated20110827 SAID: okay first of all, love your blog and love your chopper gifs i pretty much save them all to my computer in one big folder.
second of all; for the anon hetero pairings are not "normal" they're hetero.

Thank you =D I love this kind of message. For the anon sorry about that, of course you’re right. And I think this anon is agree with that too. I think it was just a clumsy way for explain me the word.

Besides at the begining I thought that “normal pair” means “2 friends” -_-’ not a couple.

(btw your new icon is beautiful !)

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Anonymous SAID: I mean... normal pair is not yaoi or yuri :) normal pair is a boy with a girl :) So who is your favourite normal pair in OP? I'm not fluent in english too because I'm Indonesian. I like chopper I like your blog. Do you like Nico Robin? How old are you?

Ah ok sorry ^^. So my favorite pair in OP is Nico Robin and Zoro, aren’t they cute together ?

Yes I like Nico Robin she’s my second favorite mugiwara because she’s beautiful & smart.

For my age, it’s a secret :p. Thank you for my blog ! Some Chopper’s gifs are comming for all the Chopper’s lovers ^^

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